OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        It is a multi-leveled quarry established on Upper Devonian mountain formation movements in Paleozoic of Holy Cross Mountains. As for rocks, limestones, marly limestones, marls and slates dominate. In the quarry there are diverse goniatids e.g. Sporadoceras sp., usually very well-preserved in marls and limestones. It is best to look for them on the eastern and northern walls of the uppermost level. Nautili of genera Orthoceras sp. and Clymenia are are found sometimes in large aggregations in black, Fammenian slates. You may as well stumble upon trilobites, i.a. Trimelocephalus sp., crinoids and brachiopods. However, the biggest treasure of ‘Kowala’ is the pyritized fauna, composed mostly of cephalopods.

The mineral itself in natural state is also quite common.

Gallery fossils from this place.