DSC00424      Sulejów is one of the few places in Łódzkie Province, where fossils can be found successfully. Outcrops of limestone used to be common in Sulejów it self, as well as in the surrounding villages. Limestones and marls in this site are classified to the Upper Jurrasic, i.e. the Oxfordian and the Kimmeridgian. South of Sulejów, nearby a village named Kurnędz, there are two flooded quarries. On the area of the inactive ‘Wapienniki’ plant there are still hefty goaves of limestone, in which a fossilized fauna may be found. Among it gasteropods, such as Ptygmatis or Nerinea sp. prevail, not to mention bivalves of genera Pecten sp., Entolium sp. Pholadomya sp., Diceras sp. or Mytilus sp.. Moreover, oysters of genus Ostrea are common, and the brachiopods are represented mainly by genera Terabratula sp. and Septaliphoria sp. Furthermore, echinoids Stomechinus sp. may also be stumbled upon. The location is recommended especially for beginning fossil hunters, provided they don’t try to search the steep walls of the flooded goaves.

Septaliphoria sp.

Gallery fossils from this place.