Zwierzyniec                                                                      photo:

               Travelling south from Kielce through Chmielnik, right before the town Busko-Zdrój we turn up in the town of Zwierzyniec. The sand mine with a “vein” of Miocene fossils is easily found, as it is located right next to the road. Miocene is present in the profile only in a thin layer, covering 3/4 of the wall’s height. Gastropod and bivalve shells and its fragments are lying on the ground, however often shattered. I am not sure who is currently the owner of the site, but it looks as if it hadn’t been mined for a while. Digging in the above-mentioned vein, one should be mindful of a possible landslide. The feeling of danger is intensified by the sand, blown over by the wind. As they say “no risk, no fun”.

Gallery fossils from this place.