Grzegorzewice – Skały


        Marl and limestone formations of the Middle Devonian come to sight near the villages of Grzeszkowice and Skały in Holy Cross Province. The age of the rocks, depending on the outcrop, indicates the Givetian or the Eifelian. The dominant group of fossils are brachiopods, represented by genera Spirifer sp., Schizophoria sp.,Schelwinella sp.,Uncinulus sp., Douvilina sp., Aulacella sp., Atrypa sp., Spinatrypa sp., and very commonly by Poloniproductus varians.. Solitary corals and crinoids are also encountered, more rarely bryozoans, ostracods or trilobites. It is one of these “legendary” sites that should be visited by every fossil hunter at least once in a lifetime. The fossils found in this site are very well preserved. What is more, on a relatively small surface one might gather quite a sizeable, themed collection. Nevertheless, the fauna might seem monotonous on the long run.

Gallery fossils from this place.