It is a village in Holy Cross Province, located to the south of Kielce, in Sobków commune. This site is also known as ‘The Pearl of Miocene’, and at present is covered in meadows and fields. Nevertheless, a dozen or so million years ago there used to be a bay. The fossils can be found directly on the field, so the fossil hunters are not warmly welcomed by the farmers. The issue is treated in a different manner especially by younger villagers, who would rather strike a bargain on collected specimens. The fossils found there include prints, whole specimens fossilized in limestone or naturally-looking shells. Numerous gasteropods of genera Turritella sp.Clavatula sp., Ancilla sp., Murex sp.,Hinia sp. and others are found. Apart from that there are bivalves of genera i.a. Andara sp., Venus sp., oysters, polychaetes, scaphopods, foraminifera, corals, echinoids, crab pincers as well as teeth of the biggest in history shark, Carcharodon megalodon. Different fossils may be found in different parts of the location, and that is why the search shouldn’t be limited to Łysa Góra area only.

Gallery fossils from this place.