The town of Wrzosowa is situated just outside of the southern suburbs of Częstochowa. There is an overgrown quarry in this town, called Kamionka Hill or Sahta, which is a place of interest not only for fossil hunters, but also for off-road drivers. Fossilized fauna gets revealed in places, where quads and similar vehicles mow down the vegetation with their wheels. The rocks found there include most of all remains of the Oxfordian and the Callovian, with an especially valued “concretionary horizon”. Right after entering the Kamionka Hill we found our first ammonites. Nevertheless, the most interesting place is an outcrop located on the southern tip of this site. Ammonite fauna prevailed, with genera Perisphinctes sp. Taramelliceras sp., Lissoceratoides sp., Peltoceratoides sp.,Cardioceras sp., Creniceras sp. In addition, we found a rarer one, namely Euaspidoceras dauvillei. The next group of fossils we had found there constitutes belemnite rostra and phragmocones, brachiopodes echinoids Eucosmus decoratus and Cidaris, in a various state of preservation, including fragments of shells and spikes. A numerous group of fossils is also represented by sponges Sporadopyle, Stauroderma sp., Rhopalicus sp. and Craticularia, about which you may read more in the description.

Gallery fossils from this place.