Cegielnia Anna


       The goaf of ‘Anna’ Brickyard contains most of all iron ore-bearing clays of Upper Bathonian. Cephalopods are represented by numerous belemnite rostra as well as ammonites of genera Oxycerites sp., Homeoplanulites, Cadomites and Procerites sp.; at least according to the available studies. Nevertheless, we could not find a single ammonite during our expedition, apart from a shattered one, whose state unfortunately unabled the identification. Right next to the main building there is a small heap of ironstone, in which bivalves of genera Pholadomya sp. and Trautscholdia cordata. might be found. We couldn’t find the latter nowhere else but at this very site. In addition, they are very well preserved and easy to prepare. We would like to sincerely thank the owners of Brickyard ‘Anna’ for the permission to enter the site.

Gallery fossils from this place.