Cegielnia Sowa


        ‘Sowa’ Brickyard is located in Kawodrza Górna district, in Częstochowa. Iron ore-bearing loam is being mined here, classified as the Upper Bajocian and the Lower Bathonian. The ammonite fauna is represented mainly by genus Parkinsonia sp. and Cadomites. Apart from that, bivalves Trigonia sp. are quite common, yet they are mostly incomplete. Several other genera of bivalves are encountered, such as Pleuromya, as well as gastropods, including Cryptaulax sp. Moreover, there are molluscs, gastropods, fragments of fossilized wood and serpula in ironstone clusters. Oyster clusters are also common, containing i.a. Liostrea sp.. We cannot fail to mention the presence of belemnite rostra, sometimes of quite an impressive size. We would like to cordially thank the owners for granting us the permission to search the site.

Gallery fossils from this place.