‘Prągowiec’ Gorge

DSC_0234           ‘Prągowiec’ Gorge is situated in the neighborhood of the village of Bardo in Holy Cross Province. This site holds graptolite slates and graywackes of the Wenlock and Ludlow periods. Access to the location is quite brachiopods of genera Lingula sp., gastropods Spinigera sp. , Chonetes sp. i Atrypa sp., as well as bivalves Cardiola sp. or Slava sp.. What is more, nautili of genus Orthoceras sp. are found commonly. Trilobites of genera challenging, and getting to the bottom of the gorge was like a small game of survival. The farther we get from the buildings into the gorge, the easier it gets to move around and the more interesting it gets, as the number of slates increases. Of course graptolites of genus Monograptus sp. prevail, sometimes found in large aggregations. Apart from that there are Decoroproetus sp., Calymene sp. and Diacalymene sp. are quite rare, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough luck to find them. We are planning to return to this exceptional place, hopefully with a little bit of more luck in finding the trilobites.

Gallery fossils from this place.