Cegielnia Gnaszyn


        ‘Gnaszyn’ Brickyard is a vast, multi leveled Middle Jurassic outcrop composed of loams, currently being mined by Wienerberger company. A typical marine fauna dominates in this location, abundant in typical Bathonian bivalve fossils, such as Pholadomya sp. , Trigonia sp. , Corbula sp., Goniomya, Pleuromya or Pinna. Gastropods are commonly found in ironstone accumulations, and usually include Spinigera sp. and Mathilididae. Moreover, gastropods Obornella sp.,Trochus, Pleurotomaria, as well as tiny Cryptaulax-y might be also found in the loams. Belemnite rostra or ammonites are also present in this location, though their state may vary. The latter are usually hidden in the loams, and the dominant genera include Asphinctites sp., more rarely Procerites sp., Oxycerites sp., Morrisiceras sp., as well as Parkinsonia sp.. The ammonites extracted directly from the loams are very well-preserved, however their frail, aragonitic shells sometimes make it hard to transport them undamaged. Nonetheless, the main problems we encountered in ‘Gnaszyn’ is the weight of some fossils, as well as the vastness of the location. Before visiting this site, you should prepare a proper set of chisels, which wear down very quickly used on such type of rocks. We also remind you that during or after rainy weather the site is not easily accessed nor safe, and in consequence you shouldn’t forget about safety measures and common sense. The list of the genera provided above is not complete, and we advise you to read further about the fossils present at this location, which include casts of predatory vertebrates.

Gallery fossils from this place.