The quarry in question is located between Bzowo, a district of Zawiercie, and Ogrodzieniec. Formerly, limestone was being mined there for a now inactive cement plant “Wiek”. The location has become almost iconic, but there are “private property” signs are scattered all over. Nevertheless, ammonites can be found on the terrains surrounding the quarry, e.g. on the field paths hardened with limestones. You should really watch your step when getting closer to the quarry, as one time I stepped on something that reminded me of phosphorus. My shoes and trousers experienced this painfully, and I was bewildered how people can turn such a beautiful place into a chemical waste site. If you eventually reach the quarry, by law and without any misadventures, you will see that you can stumble upon many interesting specimens, since the quarry’s profile ranges from Bathonian’s residue to Lower Oxfordian. Ammonite fauna prevails, with i.a. genera Perisphinctes sp. and Lissoceratoides sp. Another types of fossils commonly found there are brachiopods, belemnite phragmocones and rostra (or more specifically, their remains), bivalves and gastropods, including Pleurotomaria sp. Crabs are found less frequently, and if you have a stroke of luck you might also find shark teeth. The fossils mentioned above do not exhaust the wide array of specimens found there. You can read more on this topic in the description.

Gallery of fossils found on this site.