About the club


       ‘Inkluzja’, a fossil enthusiasts group, was created in July 2015, when a few people from the Łódź Province in Poland decided to join combine their knowledge and experience. From then on, we’ve been using them in order to look for fossils, exchange ideas and popularize this wonderful, yet often underappreciated field of science. We are cooperting with the exposition ‘PGE Giganty Mocy’, where we participate in various events, workshops, or expeditions, and in the future we are considering establishing an official association. Most of the members of ‘Inkluzja’ association have already taken part in an expedition on their own; however, it hadn’t been until recently that we had started organizing them together. An excellent atmosphere, great organization and extraorinary findings we succeeded in unearthing reassured us that creating the club was definitely spot-on.

 Perhaps the region we come from is not abundant when it comes to paleontology, but every collector knows that there are always some barriers in collecting the fossils. Legal issues aside, there are still many places that nobody outside the university or academic associations cannot gain access to. Why is that so? We are not sure. Nevertheless, we are deeply worried by the “Either it’s going to be me who’s going to discover things, publish them and bask in the spotlight, or nobody” attitude. Each and every fossil, no matter how plain it may be, is a part of the history, a common good that cannot be hidden in a warehouse and marked with a number. We do not only publish our collections on the Internet, but also show them to children. Moreover, all the specimens that otherwise would have been left behind of disregard by other fossil hunters are handed over to beginning collectors . One would ask: what for? Because many of the beginners do not have access even to a smallest fossil and know paleontology only from museum display cabinets or films about dinosaurs. ‘Inkluzja’ wants to change it and spark the interest in people by giving them a modest, yet valuable, know-how. We cordially invite everyone who is interested in paleontology or would like to get some hands-on experience. We will show you where to look for, how to prepare, name and display your fossils. If you come from the Łódź Province, we would like to invite you to ‘PGE Giganty Mocy’ or directly to us. If not, we are still available to you by giving a hand in naming fossils or a possible exchange.

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Balcer Piotr “Janczi”

Bugajski Michał

Bugajski Jakub

Bugajski Robert

Cichy Grzegorz

Cichy Martyna

Kaucz Rafał

Kuźma Damian

Majewski Przemysław

Majewski Mateusz

Miselis Patryk

Pieszak Bruno

Wer Damian



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